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Phase II E 53rd St Reconstruction Project

Phase II of the E 53rd Street Project Underway
Posted on 09/16/2022
Phase II of the E 53rd Street Project Underway

Work will begin on another segment of the Phase II E 53rd St project next week. Starting Wednesday, September 21, the south half of the intersection of Jersey Ridge Rd and E 53rd will be closed for new storm sewer, pavement, and sidewalk construction. One lane of travel will be available in each direction on E 53rd St, southbound travel will be routed to E 53rd St, and there will be no northbound travel through the intersection. Work on this part of the segment is expected to be complete by Mid-October. Once complete, work will transition to the north half. All work at the intersection is expected to be complete by mid-November. Follow signed detour or seek an alternate route. 

Work on E 53rd between Lorton and Elmore should also be complete in mid-to-late November. Stages 4 and 5 of Phase II will begin in the spring of 2023 with the reconstruction of E 53rd between Eastern and Jersey Ridge Rd and between Jersey Ridge Rd and Lorton Ave.

Work on the E 53rd St project from Lorton Ave to Elmore Cr will transition the week of August 8. Reconstruction activities will move from the north lanes to the south lanes. Travel delays will continue, especially during popular times. Access to businesses will be maintained. Follow signs. If you do not need to travel E 53rd St, we continue to recommend using alternate routes such as Kimberly Rd or Veterans Memorial Pkwy. Work on this segment of the five-segment project will continue through the fall.

The intersection of Eastern Ave and E 53rd St is now signalized and has re-opened. Watch for periodic lane reductions through this week as the contractor finishes ADA/sidewalk improvements in the area.  Expect updates on E 53rd St reconstruction between Elmore Cir and Lorton Ave later this month.

Watch for the re-opening of Eastern and E 53rd St sometime the week of July 18. Work on utility updates for the signals will be completed, followed by periodic lane reductions to finish ADA ramps adjacent to the signals.

We have made a couple of tweaks to help alleviate the pain on E 53rd St travel between Elmore Cir and Lorton Ave during reconstruction. ️Travel delays will continue at popular times of the day until this phase is complete in the fall. Outside of the signal changes we have made, the keys to making this work for everyone are

  •  Being patient and courteous
  •  Applying the rules of the road; treat flashing lights as a 4-way stop, use zipper merge so everyone can get out/in/through efficiently (everyone is trying to get somewhere), do not block intersections
  • Taking an alternate route if you do not need to travel through the zone

Construction is inconvenient for everyone. Just keep this in mind - the short-term frustration will have a long-term pay-off.

We need your help and patience on E 53rd St during reconstruction. Davenport is growing, folks! E 53rd St wasn’t much of a destination when the road existed back in the ’60s or even the ’90s. But today, it is a happening spot in need of reconstruction and enhancement to sustain the destination well into the future. If you do not need to travel E 53rd St, please use alternate routes such as Kimberly Rd and Veterans Memorial Pkwy. Be aware delays at popular times could be extensive. While we look at ways to alleviate the pain, we ask that you consider two-to-three-week shopping in one trip, visiting in off-hours, and carpooling if meeting friends for dinner. The fewer vehicles, the fewer the headaches. Keep frequenting your businesses of choice, but do it wisely and know that delays are likely going in.

Work on the second of five segments in the E 53rd St project will begin on Wednesday, May 18. Motorists are advised to seek an alternate route to avoid delays, as this phase of the project will reduce travel to one lane in each direction between Lorton Ave and Elmore Cr. Initially, work will begin in the north lanes and then transition to the south lanes over the next twelve weeks. Access to adjacent businesses will be available. Work at the Eastern Ave and E 53rd St intersection is expected to wrap up in early June.

Update! Detour on Eastern at 53rd St delayed due to a rainy couple of weeks. Watch for northbound travel at E 53rd St to re-open and southbound travel at E 53rd St to shut-down on Wednesday, May 11 or Thursday, May 12.  Follow the signed detour or take an alternate route to avoid delays.

Work on the current stage of E 53rd St at Eastern will be transitioning on Monday, May 9. The change will shut down southbound travel on Eastern at 53rd St, and re-open northbound travel at E 53rd St. All of Stage 1 is expected to be complete in late May, pending weather and subsurface conditions.  Use this detour when the change occurs. 

Better roads are indeed ahead Davenport. Watch for ongoing and transient lane reductions on E 53rd St during the construction season now through the fall of 2023 for Phase II of the E 53rd St Reconstruction project. Starting Monday, April 4, work will shut down north, and southbound travel on Eastern Ave at the intersection of E 53rd St as reconstruction begins. This stage of Phase II will also reduce travel to one eastbound and one westbound lane at the intersection of E 53rd and Eastern Ave. Work at the intersection will shift north to south over approximately six weeks. Follow the signed detour for Eastern Ave, and consider an alternate east/west route on Veterans Memorial Pkwy or Kimberly Rd to avoid delays.

Phase II will reconstruct E 53rd St in segments through the fall of 2023 and involve transient utility lane reductions in advance of reconstruction activities between Eastern Ave and Elmore Cir.  Work will be segmented as follows: area of Lorton Ave to Elmore Cir, the Jersey Ridge Rd intersection, the area between Eastern Ave and Jersey Ridge Rd, followed by the final segment of Jersey Ridge Rd to Elmore Cir.

Adjacent travel restrictions for advance utility work on the project includes lane reductions on E 53rd St between Jersey Ridge and Elmore. Water main work between Elmore and Elmore Circle should be complete by mid-April. The center turn lanes in that area will remain open.

Watch for updates as this project progresses.