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Davenport Public Works is responsible to maintain our natural and built environment with vision and environmental stewardship in an ever changing world.  Public Works is: the streets, signs and signals that aid your daily commute, the systems that collect waste from your home, the programs that protect the health and safety of our citizens and our community's environment, and the projects that maintain and allow our City to grow.  The services provided are fundamental to the quality of life we enjoy in the City of Davenport.

Our dedication to building a better community is reflected in our agency's accredited status with the American Public Works Association (APWA).  APWA Accreditation demonstrates our commitment to continuous process improvement and best management practices in areas such as emergency management and safety, water pollution control, solid waste, recycling and composting, stormwater management, street repair and maintenance, sewer repair and maintenance, engineering, forestry, building and land development codes and inspection, infrastructure construction and inspection services, property maintenance code inspection and enforcement, transit, airport operations and facility and vehicle maintenance.

Our Mission is to provide professionally managed fundamental services that protect, sustain, and grow the natural and built environment for the present and future of the community.

Our Vision 
is to provide responsible, reliable, exceptional public service using innovative, efficient, and economical methods in a collaborative environment that encourages continuous process improvement.

Our Values are:

  • Performance with Pride
  • Commitment to the Community
  • Professionally Skilled Workforce
  • Integrity at All Levels
  • Respect for our Resources (staff, materials, equipment, natural and built environment)

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Davenport Public Works Center
1200 E 46th Street
Davenport, IA 52807