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Pay Parking Citation/Ticket

Pay Parking Citation (Ticket)

  • Pay online with a credit or debit card
  • Pay by mail with a check or money order to the City of Davenport, Revenue Division, 226 W 4th St, Davenport, IA  52801
  • Pay in person:
    • City Hall, 226 W 4th St, 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, except Holidays
    • Public Works Center, 1200 E 46th St, 7am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, except Holidays
    • Both of these locations also have a 24/7 dropbox located at the entrance for your convenience.  Please do not use cash. 
Dispute Parking Citation/Ticket

Dispute Parking Citation (Ticket)

Before you file an appeal, review examples of reasons a citation will not be voided, which includes, but is not limited to:

In the downtown parking ramps:

  • Lack of knowledge of City’s parking regulations or unfamiliar with the system.
  • Did not see the sign to pay or the entry sign indicating parking procedure.
  • Did not know where to pay (other option available is the Parkmobile app for your device).
  • Expected to pay on the way out of the parking ramp.
  • Told that I did not have to pay. 
  • Attended an event.
  • Did not know my license plate information.
  • Ramp was free last time I parked in it.
  • No one else received a citation.

Any other location:

  • Did not see the sign, i.e. 2-hour limit, handicap, loading zone, etc.
  • Always parked there and never a received citation before.
  • Appointment conflict/running late.
  • Told that I could park there.

Snow Route:

  • Did not know I was on a “Posted Snow Route” or did not know there was a snow emergency in effect. The City encourages everyone to sign up for alerts at:


If you would like to file a parking citation appeal for a reason other than those identified above, you may submit an appeal:

Appeals must be submitted within 15 days of the citation issue date.

Non-payment of Parking Citations/Tickets

Non-payment of Parking Citations

  • All parking citation fines increase by $30 after thirty days.
  • Vehicles with multiple violations may be towed or immobilized.
  • Uncollected parking tickets are turned over to a collection agency.


Violation & Fine Schedule for Illegally Parked Vehicles, Boats and Campers/RV

Picture of a parking ticketThere are a number of city ordinance in place to ensure accessible parking, public safety and neighborhood aesthetic.  Commonly cited ordinances include:

  • Ordinance 10.64, Stopping Standing and Parking. Parking is regulated to provide accessible, convenient parking for everyone. 
  • Ordinance 15.32.090C, Parking in a Fire Lane
  • Ordinance 10.76, Abandoned, Illegally Parked Vehicles. Vehicles abandoned on the street, nuisance vehicles on private property and vehicles repaired on or in a street or alley are subject to citation and possible towing under this ordinance.
  • Ordinance 10.28, Snow Routes. Parking on Snow Routes is prohibited during a Snow Emergency.
  • Ordinance 10.64, 17.16.05, 17.44.  Recreational vehicles (boat, camper/RV, travel trailer) can only be stored inside a garage or in a side or rear yard.  They cannot be parked in a front yard, front driveway, or on the street.*

Link to City Code - Ordinance Detail

Download, View or Print List of Enforced Parking Rules and Related Fine Schedule

Report an Abandoned or Illegally Parked Vehicle

*Some subdivisions also have covenants that may restrict storage of recreational vehicles over and above city regulations.


1200 E 46th St
Davenport, IA 52807