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Report a Pothole

Report a pothole in one of three ways:

  •  Electronically, Make a Request Now.  Watch Video  on How to Make Electronic Requests.

  • With a Mobile Phone, Download the App at the App Store or Download the Android App on Google Play.

  • By calling Public Works at 563.326.7923, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:00 AM and 4:30 PM, except Holidays.

    If you need to report an emergency, such as a tree obstructing traffic, traffic light malfunctions, illegal dumping, etc. call 563.326.7923, the phone is answered 24/7; by staff during business hours and an answering service after hours and on Holidays.

Street Maintenance Program

The City’s Street Repair, Rehabilitation and Maintenance programs are complex in nature, as the treatments vary depending on the pavement condition index and pavement type. Funding is derived from a variety of sources, including Road Use Tax, Local Options Sales Tax and General Obligation Bonds.   A portion of available funds is dedicated to year round preventive maintenance activities to extend the life of paved surfaces; remaining available funds is used to repair and rehabilitate roads.

A variety of preventive maintenance techniques are utilized to help preserve the City’s street network, reduce future costly, time consuming rehabilitation and reconstruction projects and associated traffic disruptions.  With timely preservation, the City can provide the traveling public with improved safety and mobility, reduced congestion, and smoother, longer lasting pavements.  Preventive treatment selected depends on the age, volume of traffic, condition of the pavement and available funding.

Did you know, on average, the city fills 60,00 to 70,000 potholes each year to help smooth paved surfaces for the benefit of the traveling public and their vehicles? These repairs are prioritized based on severity, street classification and requests for service.

With 1,286 lane miles of streets in the city, citizens can help us improve our paved surfaces by turning potholes in for repair.  To turn a pothole in, all you need to do is call us at 563.326.7923 or submit a request for service electronically.

Street Closures and Lane Reductions

Lane reductions, road closures, detours and traffic delays are necessary inconveniences that bring value to our community.  There are several ways to stay informed of possible traffic impacts for improvements and repairs being made to area roadways and underground utilities.

Find out about current street closures, detours and lane reductions at this link.

Applications to close a road or reduce a lane of travel must be submitted by the contractor, or their designee, at least 3 days in advance of the closure, unless emergency conditions exist.  Work cannot commence until the application is approved.  See the Contractor Roadwork Application tab below.

Street Speed Limits

Picture of street speed limit signIn Iowa, several jurisdictions (e.g. the state, counties, and cities) have the authority to establish speed limits on roadways between 25 and 55 miles per hour (mph). The actual posted speed limit on a particular roadway, however, is typically established from the results of a traffic engineering study or survey. Find more information regarding posted speed limits on our Signs, Signals and Traffic webpage.

The city's Police Department enforces established speed limits and manages the city's red light and speed camera program.

It is Illegal to Push Snow, Grass, Leaves or other Debris to the Street

Pushing Snow, Raking Out Leaves, Blowing Grass Clippings, or Pushing other Debris to the Street is Illegal.

Leaves and grass clippings left in the street can be washed to nearby storm drains where they can contribute to both localized flooding and degradation of local water quality. 

Raking out leaves and blowing grass clippings into the street is considered a violation of the "Clean Water Act" and City Code, Chapter 8.14.400

While Public Works does provide street sweeping to remove natural accumulations of leaves from our streets, the service does not provide for the removal of grass clippings or placed masses of leaves raked to the street.  Clippings and placed masses of leaves can easily be distinguished from natural accumulations and can lead to fines ranging from $100 to $250.

The City offers several convenient alternatives to dispose of grass clippings, leaves and other yard wastes, including "No Sticker Yard Waste Weeks" in the spring and fall to encourage residents to properly dispose of yard wastes.

To report a rake-out or grass clippings in the street, call Public Works at 563.326.7923 or submit a request for service electronically.


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