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Landlord Resources

In the State of Iowa and the City of Davenport, landlords and tenants have certain basic rights and requirements that are intended to protect both parties and the owner’s investment. It takes the joint effort of investor‐owners, tenants and the City to ensure a quality rental market in Davenport.

Refer to City Code Chapter 8.15 for details on the Property Maintenance Code. The code adopts the 2015 version of the International Property Maintenance Code.

Rental Property Maintenance & Inspection Requirements

Picture representing inspection services being providedIowa state law and Davenport City ordinance requires the inspection of all rental housing on a regular basis to ensure quality rental housing conditions, and to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the community.

Before getting started, know that all property Owners and/or managers must also complete Davenport's Landlord Education Assistance Program training at least once for all rental property owned or managed. Find details at this link. 

Our Rental Property Owner’s Guide to Davenport’s Property Maintenance Code provides information on:

The guide also includes: 

  • The Violation Point Matrix/Rental Property Inspection Checklist
  • Information on Appealing Property Maintenance Citations
  • Information on Appealing a Rental License Revocation

Download, View or Print a Copy of the Guide

In addition to rental property maintenance codes, rental properties are subject to general/community-wide property maintenance and building codes.  Landlords are advised to communicate these codes and their tenant's responsibilities in ensuring compliance with these codes.  Links to this information can be found below.


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