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Public Works

American Public Works Association Accreditation LogoAs an American Public Works Association (APWA) Accredited agency, Davenport Public Works has demonstrated itself as a leader among Public Works agencies in the United States and Canada.  Of the nearly 19,500 cities and 6,000 counties across the nation, today only 163 other public works agencies can stand proud and say they are accredited.

Achieving accreditation and maintaining certification as an accredited agency is quite an undertaking and accomplishment.  Being accredited means our agency understands best management practices, is knowledgeable, examines our operations regularly, documents our policies and procedures, and engages in continuous process improvement.  The result of this process helps Public Works to ensure the services provided meet or exceed industry standards for the benefit of the city and its citizenry.

Benefits of Accreditation

Public Works staff embrace the accreditation process, and acknowledges the value and benefit of being accredited:

  • Examination by public works professionals substantiates the agency's abilities and procedures, and verifies industry standards are being met, or exceeded, in services delivered. 
  • While there are nuances to every infrastructure issue, procedures help us to ensure safe, efficient, effective, and consistent service delivery.
  • Having procedures in place provide a framework for the future.  By examining procedures periodically we are able to identify and plan for improvements, and as a result of the accreditation process, we are able to capture and document institutional knowledge and provide an outline or blueprint for those who come after us.
Accreditation/Certification Cycle

Evaluation and verification that the agency meets accreditation standards occurs every four years, with a biennial report during each four-year accreditation cycle.  

Davenport Public Works was initially accredited in 2007, and re-accredited in 2011, 2015 and in 2020*. Our next site visit and re-accreditation evaluation is scheduled for 2024.

*Evaluation of 2019 standards was delayed due to the floods of 2019.

Of Special Distinction

While the title, Accredited Agency, is one thing, of even greater distinction, is that the department has been further recognized for 17 model practices since becoming accredited in 2007. This means the agency has been recognized for 17 innovative solutions and/or procedures that exceed industry standards since becoming accredited.


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