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Compost Facility

Yard Waste Drop-Off

The Davenport Compost Facility accepts clean yard waste from Scott County, IA only.  Yard wastes dropped off at the facility and those collected through the curbside solid waste collection program are recycled into environmentally beneficial soil amendments. 

A tipping fee is required depending on the type and quantity of waste.  Some guidelines for disposal may also apply. 

Acceptable drop-off items:

  Type of Material   Disposal Guidelines    Fee per Bag    Fee per Cubic Yard (3x3x3)
  Grass    Loose or Bagged   $.50 per Bag*     $6.00 per Cubic Yard*
  Leaves   Loose or Bagged   $.50 per Bag*      $6.00 per Cubic Yard* 
  Garden Debris & Weeds   Loose or Bagged   $.50 per Bag*     $6.00 per Cubic Yard*
  Hedge Trimmings    Loose or Bagged    $.50 per Bag      $6.00 per Cubic Yard*
  Logs, Branches, Tree Trimmings   Must be less 
  than 5ft in length
  No Charge     No Charge
  Clean Tree Root Balls   Must be less 
  than 5ft in length 
  No Charge      No Charge 

*Except for Davenport and Bettendorf residents during their respective No Sticker Yard Sticker Weeks.
During these weeks, residents may drop-off their yard wastes free of charge. 

Unacceptable drop-off items:

  • Lumber - Treated, Painted or Constructed
  • Railroad Ties/Landscape Timbers
  • Dirt or Sod
  • Tree Root Balls with Excess Soil Attached
  • Rocks or Concrete
  • Metal, Plastic, Tires - any material that should be collected through curbside solid waste collection and/or should be disposed of at the landfill.

Questions?  Contact us at 563.328.7225 or send us a request for information.

Delivery Options - Compost & Mulch

The Davenport Compost Facility offers a variety of compost and wood mulch products.  Delivery is available Monday through Friday, during normal business hours, in quantities of 1 - 40 cubic yards. The applicable delivery and product fees must be paid prior to delivery.  Payment can be made either by visiting the facility or by mailing a check to the Davenport Compost Facility, PO Box 3606, Davenport, IA  52808.

The Compost Facility has 3 types of delivery vehicles; a pickup truck with dump box, a tandem axle truck with a 18 yard dump box and a semi tractor w/32' walking floor trailer.  It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the vehicle selected for delivery will be able to maneuver at the delivery site.

Illinois customers.  We do not deliver Earth CycleTM 100% Compost Soil Builder or Garden Soil to Illinois.  We do deliver all other products.

Call 563.328.7225 or visit the Compost Facility to schedule a delivery.

Delivery Rates Iowa and Illinois.



Davenport Compost Facility
2707 Railroad St
Davenport, IA 52802