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Canadian Pacific Rail Raising Tracks

Canadian Pacific Rail Raising Riverfront Tracks
Posted on 04/25/2019
Canadian Pacific Rail Raising Riverfront Tracks

The City has received a number of inquiries about the impact of Canadian Pacific Railroad raising the tracks along the riverfront.

The railroad is able to do this in their right-of-way.  The intention of raising the tracks is to allow rail operations to continue up to 21 FT during flooding.

Canadian Pacific has provided the city with engineered drawings for all impacted crossings.  They have also met with city leadership and have assured the city that they are committed to restoring crossings.

Gaines St is one of the impacted crossings where a temporary elevated walkway has been installed by Canadian Pacific.

More permanent infrastructure to address the elevated crossings will be installed after the river recedes.  City staff will continue meeting with Canadian Pacific Rail regularly until all concerns are addressed.

Once modifications are complete the city will also have to revisit its flood plan and adjust accordingly for future river flooding events.