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Housing Choice Voucher Office


Housing Choice Voucher Office
226 West 4th Street
Davenport, IA 52801
TDD 563-326-7912

The Davenport Housing Commission through the City of Davenport’s Community and Economic Development Department administers HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher program (formerly known as Section 8) which provides non-emergency rental assistance to low-income families and individuals.  Since the housing assistance is provided to landlords on behalf of the family or individual, program participants are able to find their own housing and are not limited to units located in subsidized housing projects. 

To learn more about the City of Davenport’s Housing Choice Voucher Program see tab below.

To locate affordable rental housing units within the state of Iowa, visit A call center is available with live assistance at 877-428-8844, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. CDT.

The local agencies below provide housing assistance as well as other services to the community.
To find out more about the programs they offer and their eligibility requirements, please contact each agency.

Humility Homes and Services | 563-499-3081
Salvation Army Family Services | 563-324-4808
Scott County Community Services (Scott County Area Only) | 563-326-8723

A community resource list is available with contact numbers to local public service providers. Information is provided by area community services and the City of Davenport does not guarantee its accuracy or contents. This information is provided as a courtesy and for reference purposes only. The City of Davenport should not be construed as endorsing or recommending particular services or service providers. Click here to download the community resource list.

Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan and Annual Plan
The Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016 (HOTMA) was enacted on July 29, 2016. On February 14, 2023, HUD published a final rule implementing Sections 102 and 104 of the HOTMA Act of 2016.

Many of the provisions of HOTMA are intended to streamline administrative processes and reduce burdens on PHAs, thereby also reducing burdens on participants.

As of February 16, 2024, The Davenport Housing Choice Voucher Office has published its Administrative Plan to include policies that reflect HOTMA provisions.

Click here to view Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan.

Click here to view Housing Choice Voucher Annual Plan.
Housing Choice Voucher – Waiting List and Admission Preferences

The waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher Program is currently closed.

The demand for housing assistance often exceeds the limited resources available, HUD allows the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program to have a waiting list where eligible families and individuals are placed until a housing voucher is available. 

 When there is an adequate number of families and individuals on the waiting list, the waiting list is closed, and applications will not be accepted.    

 What to expect when the waiting list is open
When the waiting list is open, the HCV Program will accept applications for a limited period of time. During the application process, staff will collect information on annual income, assets, and family composition. Staff will verify this information with other local agencies, employers and banks, and will use the information to determine HCV Program eligibility. Accommodations, interpretive services, and TTY are available upon request. 

Staff will place the eligible families and individuals on the waiting list. 

HUD allows agencies to establish local preferences for selecting applicants from the waiting list based on the community’s housing needs and priorities. Families or individuals who qualify for any local preferences move ahead of other families on the list who do not qualify for a preference. 

Method of Selection from the Waiting List

  • HUD or Davenport Target Populations – This preference is reserved for HUD targeted populations which currently includes HUD-VASH (HUD-Veterans Affairs Supported Housing program through the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs) and FYI (Foster Youth to Independence program through Dept. of Human Services)
  •  Permanent Davenport Residents
  • Those Displaced by Natural Disaster or Code Enforcement Action
  • Elderly Persons 62 years of age and older
  • Disabled Persons and their families
  • Families with children 5 years of age and under
  • Families with at least one household member working at least 20 hours a week. 
  • All other families regardless of status or residency
Housing Choice Voucher – Program Limits and Standards

Eligibility is determined based on the family or individual’s total annual gross income and family size.   Income limits are published by HUD and are subject to change. Below are the current income limits by family size. 

 Family Size Income Limit 
 1  $30,950
 2  $35,400
 3 $39,800
 4 $44,200 
 5 $47,750
 6 $51,300 
 7 $54,850 
 8 $58,350

The HCV program has established subsidy standards that determine the number of bedrooms needed for families of different sizes. These subsidy standards provide for the smallest number of bedrooms needed to house a family without overcrowding. When issuing a voucher or when placing an eligible family on the waiting list, the following subsidy standard will determine family unit size.

 Number of persons in the family  Unit size determined by family size
 1 or 2 family members  1 Bedroom Voucher
 3 or 4 family members  2 Bedroom Voucher
 5 or 6 family members  3 Bedroom Voucher
 7 or 8 family members  4 Bedroom Voucher

The eligible family is required to pay 30% of their adjusted annual income towards rent and utilities while the voucher pays the landlord the difference that remains from the contract rent established for the unit.

Current Payment Standards – Each voucher size (which typically must include the cost of rent and all utilities paid by the family or individual).

O Bedroom- Efficiency  $710
 1 Bedroom  $850
 2 Bedroom  $1,048
 3 Bedroom  $1,371
 4 Bedroom  $1,580
 5 Bedroom  $1,818
 6 Bedroom  $2,054
Roles – Tenant, landlord, HCV Program, and HUD

Once a voucher becomes available for an eligible tenant’s housing unit, the tenant and the landlord sign a lease and, at the same time, the landlord and the HCV Program sign a housing assistance payments contract that runs for the same term as the lease. This means that everyone -- tenant, landlord and the HCV Program -- have obligations and responsibilities under the voucher program.

Tenant's Obligations: When an eligible tenant selects a housing unit, and the HCV program approves the unit and lease, the tenant signs a lease with the landlord for at least one year. The tenant may be required to pay a security deposit to the landlord. After the first year the landlord may initiate a new lease or allow the family to remain in the unit on a month-to-month lease.

 When the tenant is settled in a new home, the tenant is expected to comply with the lease and the program requirements, pay its share of rent and utilities on time, maintain the unit in good condition and notify the HCV program of any changes in income or family composition. As a housing needs change, the HCV program is designed to allow families and individuals to move without loss of housing assistance. Moves are permissible with prior notice, correct termination of current lease, and the tenant finds acceptable housing within the City of Davenport or another unit in the United States with a HCV program.

 Landlord's Obligations: The role of the landlord in the voucher program is to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing to a tenant at a reasonable rent. The dwelling unit must pass the HCV program's housing quality standards, be a registered license within the City of Davenport, and be maintained up to those standards as long as the owner receives housing assistance payments. In addition, the landlord is expected to provide the services agreed to as part of the lease signed with the tenant and the contract signed with the HCV program.

 Housing Choice Voucher Program:  The HCV program provides an eligible tenant with the housing assistance that enables the tenant to seek out suitable housing which is inspected to ensure the unit meets the program’s housing quality standards. The HCV program enters into a contract with the landlord to provide housing assistance payments on behalf of the family or individual. If the landlord fails to meet the owner's obligations under the lease, the program has the right to terminate assistance payments. Staff must reexamine the family or individual's income and composition at least annually and must inspect each unit at least annually to ensure that it meets minimum housing quality standards.  

Housing Choice Voucher triangle

HUD's Role: To cover the cost of the program, HUD provides funds to allow programs to make housing assistance payments on behalf of the families. HUD also pays a fee for the costs of administering the HCV program. HUD monitors to ensure program rules are properly followed.

Section 8 Administration Plan
Public Hearing Notice
2022 Public Housing Authority Annual Plan

Housing Choice Voucher - Landlord Information

Interested in becoming a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Landlord?

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gives funds to the City of Davenport/Davenport Housing Commission to provide rent subsidies to eligible low income families and individuals. The HCV program issues housing vouchers to eligible families and individuals who then undertake a housing search. Eligible families and individuals generally pay 30% to 40% of their incomes for rent and the HCV program provides the subsidy that represents the difference between the tenant’s share and the gross contract rent. This subsidy is called the Housing Assistance Payment or HAP and is subject to limitations imposed by the Voucher Payment Standards.  The HCV program is not a supportive housing service program, there are no requirements the eligible families or individuals enroll in a supportive service program. 

 The role of a landlord in the HCV program is to lease decent, safe, and sanitary housing to a tenant at a reasonable rent.  A landlord that meets their obligations under the program, the landlord automatically receives an electronic deposit of monthly Housing Assistance Payments. 

 All rental property in Davenport must be licensed. The cost of the license ranges from $30 to $60 per year based on the property’s inspection cycle.  For more information on registering a rental unit, click on the link below or call (563)326-6198.

Rental Property Resources 

 An inspector will conduct an HQS inspection. All units with HCV tenants must meet the thirteen (13) HQS performance requirements both at commencement of assisted occupancy and be maintained up to those standards as long as the landlord receives housing assistance payments. 

 Thinking about linking a sampled HQS Inspection???

Landlord FAQ to Housing Choice Voucher Program (coming soon)
Landlord’s Guide to Housing Choice Voucher Program (coming soon)

Property Listing Form
Annual Rent Adjustment Form 
Direct Deposit Form
Housing Survey
Utility Allowance Schedule

Housing Choice Voucher Property Listing
Click here to view a list of housing choice voucher property listings. 

The City of Davenport is not associated with any property listed. The City of Davenport should not be construed as endorsing or recommending particular services or service providers.