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Budget Information

The function of the Budget Office is to prepare and implement the City of Davenport’s annual Operating and Capital Improvements budget. The budget team evaluates the efficiency of all city operations and drives management reforms that enhance the city’s financial condition and increase taxpayer value. The annual budget adopted by the City Council is an expression of the city’s priorities of services to be delivered to its residents, workers, and visitors.

Fiscal Year 2023 Budget in Progress:

 FY 2023 Operating and Capital Budget Packet

 FY 2023 City Administrator's Recommended Budget

January 8, 2022 Budget Work Session | Council Goals

 January 15, 2022 Budget Work Session | FY 2023 Operating Budget

January 22, 2022 Budget Work Session | FY 2023 Capital Budget

Budget Reports (Fiscal Year):

Maximum Property Tax Dollars Resolutions:

For more information or questions, please contact:

Finance Department
(563) 326-7789
[email protected]