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2024 Flood Response

2024 Flood Response
Posted on 06/10/2024
2024 Flood Response

River levels have been hovering between 13 and 14 FT since initially rising on June 1. While current river level is at 13 FT, it is expected to begin rising again, reaching 14.2 FT on Sunday, June 16. For the near term, S Concord will remain closed between River Dr and Utah. Crews are monitoring conditions and we will keep the community updated should things change significantly.

Recent heavy rainfall across the Midwest is contributing to higher-than-normal river levels. According to current flood modeling by the National Weather Service, the Mississippi could rise slightly above the flood action stage of 13 FT to 14.1 FT by Saturday, June 1. While the anticipated river stage will cause few issues, crews are monitoring conditions and are placing appropriate flood control measures. For public safety, portions of S Concord between River Dr and Utah will be closed as river levels rise above 13.5 FT due to water over the road.

As our partners at the National Weather Service released their 2nd Spring Flood Outlook, it looks like we could be in for a break from seasonal riverfront flooding with a below-normal flood risk forecast. The outlook noted chances are likely to stay the same unless areas to the north receive above-normal precipitation, and right now, things look to be in our favor. Staff are prepared to switch gears should the need arise.

Our partners at the National Weather Service issued the first of three Spring Flood Outlook Briefings on February 15. As an early indicator of the types and depth of preparation needed, the City was pleased to learn that the chances of flooding this spring are below normal. With current chances of exceeding minor flood stage of 15 FT at 25% in early April, the City and riverfront community may get a breather from the hazard and inconvenience high river levels bring.

Although chances are low, as a resilient community, we will continue monitoring the forecast and prepare for river stages of 13 to 16 FT by performing preventive maintenance on flood systems and ensuring all equipment and resources are at the ready until the potential threat of flooding passes.

With a lower-than-normal flood threat this year, we encourage property owners and business managers located in the floodplain to use the time that may have been spent defending their property to take a look at ways to improve their preparedness for floods and reduce their flood risk by checking out our flood risk reduction resources at On the site, owners and managers can find Flood Insurance Rate Maps, ways to floodproof, and more.

With this announcement, we also draw attention to ongoing steps Davenport is making toward a more resilient riverfront through the implementation of the Flood Resilience study at this link.  

Watch for updates as the National Weather Service releases its next flood forecast in the coming weeks.