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Streambank Stabilization Cost-Share Program

Image of a streambank in need of stabilizationThe City of Davenport offers a 50/50 cost-share program for private streambank stabilization projects.  Under the program, residents and commercial entities adjacent to a common waterway can request to participate in the streambank stabilization program and split the cost of stabilization with the City. 

The City must agree that the repair is needed and projects must be approved by 100% of affected property owners.

Once stabilization is complete, properties are invoiced for a percentage of the work based on lineal feet adjacent to the waterway. Property owners may pay the bill within 30 days or have the cost assessed to the property, allowing property owners to spread the cost of stabilization over time (up to ten years).

Funding under the program is on a first-come, first-served basis. Eligible project applications that exceed available funds will be rolled into the following program year.

Find full details about the program at this link.

Submit an application for the streambank cost-share program at this link.