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The Davenport Fire Department's goals are to provide the highest quality of emergency services and to promote community participation in fire prevention and disaster preparedness.

Resources consist of all department apparatus and the shift personnel who work around the clock. Each shift consists of two District Chiefs, eleven company officers, eleven engineers (fire apparatus operators), and one or two firefighters per company. These numbers represent the total number of personnel assigned to each shift. These personnel staff eight Engine Companies, and three Truck Companies. In addition, when needed, our personnel also staff one Heavy Rescue unit, three fire/rescue boats, one hazardous materials tractor-trailer, and multiple special purpose units. The Fire Suppression companies are organized into two Divisions (identified as District 1 and 2).



District 1 is comprised of the downtown district of Davenport and runs up to the mid-section of the city with Locust St. being the dividing line. Within its boundaries are the majority of the high-rise buildings in Davenport, the only heavy concentration of industrial occupancies, schools, churches, stores, historical landmarks, riverfront properties, railway systems, bridges, the southern half of interstate 280, hotels, and wood-frame residential structures in densely populated neighborhoods.



District 2 is comprised of the northern half of the city of Davenport and runs from the eastern border to the western border of the city. Division 2 is the home to interstate 80, interstate 74, the northern half of interstate 280, along with all types of residential and commercial buildings, including high-rise buildings, schools, a university, many big box stores, North Park Mall, and all types of old and new wood-frame residential structures in densely populated neighborhoods.

When fire fighters are not responding to emergency calls they are assigned daily activities involving training, commercial inspections, maintenance of fire apparatus and fire stations, and any other services, both internal and external, that may be requested of them.

All members of the Davenport Fire Department are highly committed to providing our citizens with the highest level of service, protection, and care.

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