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Welcome Home to the Dickerson Family

Welcome Home to the Dickerson Family
Posted on 09/18/2020
Dickerson Family stands outside their new home.

Sept. 18, 2020 - Two families in the City of Davenport will begin their journey as homeowners today. Our Community & Economic Development staff completed and sold two homes in the latest round of the City’s Urban Homestead Loan Program. This program provides the opportunity for home ownership to families in the low and moderate household income thresholds. Here is one family’s story.

To say the Dickerson Family is excited for this day is an understatement. The goal of home ownership has been accomplished, and has been many years in the making. Brea Lynn, the mother of 4, has been a tenant through our Public Housing program for the last 5 years. She explained to us, as we walked through her new home while her husband, Donald, took measurements for furniture and her boys saw their new rooms for the first time, how happy she was to receive that call 5 years ago that she was next in line to receive her Public Housing voucher. She had been on the waiting list for nearly 6 years.

Brea Lynn used her time over the last 5 years to get the family finances in order and to work toward reaching her goal of owning her own home by the time she was 30 years old. She worked hard, stayed organized, and never gave up. During her time on the program, she built a strong relationship with her Housing Coordinator, Lindsey, and is very thankful for Lindsey’s guidance, assistance, and friendship.

An aunt in her family was a previous recipient of the Urban Homestead Loan Program, so Brea Lynn and Donald knew about the program for a while, but hadn’t really given it much thought. One day, when Brea Lynn went to pay her rent, she was talking with staff at City Hall and the program came up. She and Donald decided to apply just to see what would happen. That was the in the fall of 2019. With each passing month, they got closer and closer as the application continued through the review process. It was the first week of August 2020 when they received the call from Kara, the City’s Financial Specialist that works with Urban Homestead applicants. Brea Lynn and Donald were approved for an Urban Homestead loan; the family was getting their home! 

As she told us their story, she explained how she provides care for her mother who also lives in Davenport. It had always been her hope that she would be able to have her mother live with her so she could provide that care more easily and be there for her at all times. Now she can do that. Her mother will be joining the family in their new home this month. 

It was a privilege to be able to hear their story and to listen as they talked about their plans and visions of making their new house a home. 

Brea Lynn’s message to everyone is that “You can do this. It can be done.” If you work hard and use the tools and opportunities that you do have, you can accomplish your goals. Keep moving forward.

We would like to congratulate the Dickerson Family on their accomplishment. We wish you the best as you create memories in the next chapter of your life in the City of Davenport. Welcome Home!