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50/50 Sidewalk Repair Program Cost Share

50/50 Sidewalk Repair Cost Share Program Description/Eligibility/Requirements

  • Only public sidewalks in the city right-of-way qualify; service walks which run to the house or curb from the city sidewalk are excluded from the program. 
  • Funding is available on a first-come, first-serve basis; some requests/cost shares may be placed on a waiting list for future funds.*
  • Single-family through three-plex multi-family housing properties are eligible.  The program is not available to multi-family properties greater than a three-plex or commercial properties. 
  • Only sidewalk slab(s) that have been determined hazardous and requiring repair/replacement are eligible. Eligible sidewalks include those:
    • With a 1" or more trip hazard
    • That are buckling due to tree root growth**
    • That are settling, with the sidewalk dipping 2" or more
    • That are tipped, tilted or sloped more than 1" per foot
    • That are spalled, missing surface, have more than three cracks per 4' x 4' square and show signs of distress
  • Work must be performed by the city contractor to be eligible for cost-sharing.

Submit a request to participate in the cost share program at this link, or
call us at 563.326.7923 during business hours. 

*On occasion sidewalks may be deemed so hazardous (condemned) that immediate remediation is necessary, and the work ordered to be completed at the property owner’s expense.  If 50/50 funds are unavailable other funding opportunities may exist with our Community Economic Development Department.

**Sidewalk slab(s) that are buckling due to root growth of a city tree (boulevard tree) are replaced by the city at no cost to the property owner.