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Parkmobile App

Intended for short-term parking users, the Parkmobile App allows users to pay for parking from their mobile device as an alternative to using the pay stations located at the ramps. What’s nice about the app is that you can opt-in to receive a customized reminder before your parking expires, and, if needed you can extend your time remotely without having to go back to feed the pay station.

What you need to know:

  • Download the FREE app for Apple or Android devices by visiting, or using the QR code located on Parkmobile signage located in the ramps.
  • Setup your Account.
  • Setup your Parking Zones. You can setup favorite(s) for as many “zones” or ramps as you like:
    • The Harrison Street Ramp is Zone 9690,
    • The Redstone Ramp is Zone 9691, and
    • The River Center Ramp is Zone 9692.
  • Sign-in to your account and pay for parking when you park in the ramps.

The app also has other user friendly features, such as “Find My Car”, and in-app and e-mailed receipts.

There is a transaction fee of $.30 added each time you pay for parking using the app. For example if you pay to park for 2 hours, you will be charged $1.30. If you later need to extend your time to 4 hour or more hours you will be charged the applicable parking rate plus the additional $.30 transaction fee.

Watch the video or read the informational brochure on the parkmobile app to get started.