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Vacant and Abandoned Property

Vacant/abandoned structures are the most striking indication of neighborhood decline. These properties threaten neighborhood stability and undermine the investments made by other property owners.

Vacant/abandoned buildings are a significant public safety issue. Aside from being unsightly, they attract criminal activity and are a threat to public safety wherever they exist. City Codes 8.17 and 8.18 have been adopted to help reduce the hazards vacant and abandoned structures present in our community.

City Code 8.18 requires property owners to maintain, annually register vacant and abandoned structures, and allow building safety inspection when requested by City staff.  

Under City Code 8.17, property owners may be ordered to repair or demolish a structure at their expense. In cases where the owner fails to repair or demolish the structure, or when the owner cannot be located, the City may find cause for the building to be demolished. Properties with that distinction are prioritized based on certain criteria. 

In the cases when the City determines that an immediate danger to public health or safety exists because of a vacant/abandoned structure, immediate measures will be taken to ensure that the structure be demolished or repaired to a state in which it will no longer create immediate danger.

The cost of demolition is the responsibility of property owners whether the property owner initiates or the City initiates.  If demolished by the City, liens are placed against the property to recover costs.


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