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Pet Waste

Pet Waste (Improperly Disposed/Accumulated)

The City receives a number of calls each year regarding accumulating, or failure to pickup and dispose pet waste. 

Pet waste that is not picked up and properly disposed presents a variety of health hazards for pets and humans and contributes to high bacteria levels in our waterways. 

Aside from the hazards, pet waste is unsightly, unpleasant and deters from the safe, clean atmosphere we are trying to create for residents and visitors to our City.

Please properly dispose of pet waste.

  • Pickup pet waste in your yard regularly. Contrary to popular belief, pet waste is not a good fertilizer.
  • Pickup pet waste in public areas when you walk your pet. Bring a bag with you when you walk your pet or walk your pet on a route where pet waste stations can be found.  The easiest way to remember a bag is to keep the bags on or near your pet’s leash.
  • Pet waste should be disposed of in trash receptacles or flushed down the toilet (without other debris or the bag).

You can be fined.  It is a violation of City Code 6.04 to not pickup and properly dispose pet waste.  Fines for improperly disposing (not disposing) pet waste can range from $250 to $750.

To report failure to properly dispose pet waste, contact the Scott County Humane Society at 563.388.6655.

Read more about the health, safety and environmental hazards of improperly disposed pet waste at this link.