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Vander Veer Summer Theme 2022

Beyond the Beaten Path of LIFE logo

visit vander veer botanical park and get beyond the beaten path of life

Memorial Day-Labor Day

Sometimes the game takes unexpected twists and turns. It doesn’t always work out the way you want it to and the same can be said about life. Even if you do not get the salary you want or end up with happily ever after, you must continue to play by the rules. If you try to cheat your way to success in the game, just as in real life, you will find that you will probably see plenty of pitfalls before you reach the top.
Location: 215 West Central Park Avenue

How to join the fun

  1. Start outside the Conservatory to pick-up your map or download the Rules & LIFE Points Score Sheet.
  2. Begin at the Career Path Sign outside the Conservatory to CHOOSE A CAREER PATH.

Career Path
Spin to determine your career and salary.
Careers have two education options:

  • Trade School — Continue with regular game play no Bank Loan required.
  • College – Your career requires a college degree along with a Bank Loan for 200 life points for college tuition.


Each player begins with 18 Life Points.

Regular Game Play

Visit any of the colored game stations listed on the map. With each turn, read the sign, spin the spinner, and follow directions for task and scoring. When you have completed the task your turn ends. Move ahead to the next stop until you have visited all 17 stops throughout the park.

Bank Loans
If you do not have enough points, the “banker” can give you the amount you need. Interest on your bank loan is 10 life points per 50 life points your borrow. EX: Loan is 100 life points, you would repay -120 life points at the end of the game.


Once you have visited each stop it is time to RETIRE!

Earn 400 life points for retiring.

Add up the value of everything you have collected throughout your lifetime:

  • Earn 10 life points for each action completed.
  • Earn 10 life points for each pet.
  • Earn 50 life points for each child.
  • Earned a house? Add those life points at the end.
  • Payback all debts at a value of -60 life points for each bank loan certificate.

Player with the most LIFE POINTS wins the game!