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Parks Master Plan

“We want everyone’s opinion to be heard. Our planning process is important in defining how our parks system will function for many years to come. Davenport citizens’ opinions need to be heard to help navigate this planning process to deliver the best possible outcome for our community,” said Davenport Parks and Recreation Director Chad Dyson. 

Confluence was selected in the summer of 2020 to prepare the Comprehensive Park System Master Plan which will create a long-term strategy for improving the community's parks and trail facilities to enhance the quality of life for Davenport residents. The completed document will be used to provide a clear vision and a basis for decision making regarding development and redevelopment of parks, local and regional trail connections, recreational opportunities, and funding. Additionally, it will include a prioritized action plan and long-term strategy for improving the community's park and recreation facilities, increasing recreational programming, and identifying staffing needs associated with effectively operating and managing these park assets over the long-term.

In November staff from Confluence presented an update about the Plan. The presentation focused on an overview of the purpose, goals, and format of the document while highlighting some of the common themes that emerged from the public input survey.

Between March and June 2021, Confluence collected public input virtually using a web-based platform called Social PinPoint. Project managers noted the public input yielded more diverse engagement across the City than they would typically find if conducted in person. The public input website received over 3200 visits, 296 comments, 115 survey responses and 261 preference responses. When examining the types of comments community members left on the Social PinPoint map, 44% were new ideas within parks, 6% were new ideas regarding trails, 18% highlighted areas that needed improvements and 16% picked out parks and amenities that the community loved. Main areas of interest from the public input were continued quality maintenance of parks and facilities, city-wide trail improvements and connectivity, and walkable neighborhood parks.

A final draft of the full Parks Master Plan was presented to the Parks Advisory Board in February 2022 and to the City Council in April 2022. On April 27, 2022, the Davenport City Council accepted the final  Comprehensive Parks Master Plan.