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Park Improvements

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Davenport PARK improvement PROJECTS

Using Capital Improvement Project funds and/or general operating budget funds, Parks and Recreation staff are always working to improve and upgrade play structures, amenities, and activities within Davenport parks.

Updates as of January '24 (for updates about ARPA funded projects - scroll down)

  • Annie Wittenmyer Family Aquatic Center | Roof replacements
    • PROJECT COMPELTED: Roofs on bathhouse and mechanical buildings are being replaced.
  •  Credit Island Nature Preserve & Park | Nature-based play area
    • Grading and fill has been mostly completed.
    • Anticipating installation Spring 2024.
  • Davenport Skate Park | Repairs and pump track
    • City has secured the services of a top skate park construction company to evaluate the condition of the skate park, recommend repairs and determine the possibility of installing a pump track.
  • Dillon fountain | Electrical upgrades
    • Project to raise electrical fixtures out of the flood plain. In progress, work has begun.
  • Goose Creek Park | Restrooms
    • PROJECT COMPLETED: Open to the public Spring 2024.
  • Prairie Heights Park | Sensory Panel Play Piece addition to Miracle Field Playground
    • PROJECT COMPLETED: Open to public!
  • Vander Veer Botanical Park | Stone Bridge Flowerbed Expansion & Fully Accessible Wheelchair Swing 
    • Stone Bridge: Design is in development for an expansion of flowerbeds. Irrigation and power for lighting has been installed. Phase 2 planning in progress.
    • Fully Accessible Wheelchair Swing: PROJECT COMPLETED - open to public!
  • Multiple Parks TBD | Community Bike Racks
    • This project is in partnership with West High School's Welding Program to create 10 new custom community bike racks. Installation complete at The River's Edge, Sunderbruch Park, Lower Lindsay Park, Lindsay Park (2 locations), Garfield Park and Junge Park. Upcoming installation at River Heritage Park, Fejervary Learning Center, and Veteran's Memorial Park.
  • Historic Properties | Roof replacements
    • PROJECT COMPLETED: Roof on the Fejervary Learning center storage building being replaced.

Coming soon to davenport parks

ARPA Funded Park Projects

Have you heard of the park improvements through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) coming to #Davenport? Eight parks will receive $2.5M to be used toward various upgrades including:


  • Cork Hill Park | Multi-sport court AND upgraded splash pad
    • Multi-sport court
      • Existing tennis courts demolished. 
      • Contract awarded to Langman Construction, Inc. in December 2023.
    • Upgraded water feature design has been approved. 
      • Plans, specifications, and purchase of the water play equipment pending Council approval January 2024.
  • Dohse Pool | New spray & play park
    • Construction has officially commenced. Subsurface work is expected to continue as weather allows.
    • All equipment has been ordered and are currently in fabrication.
  • Emeis Park | Replace existing play structure with adaptive play structure and add obstacle play feature
    • Obstacle Play Feature
      • PROJECT COMPLETE: New obstacle play feature is open to the public!
    • Adaptive Play Structure
      • Proposals evaluated by City staff and three finalists have been selected for a round of public input.
      • A final recommendation will be made based on the feedback generated during the input session.
  • Harbor Road Park | Obstacle play feature
    • PROJECT COMPLETE-new obstacle course is open to the public.
  • Herington Park | Multi-sport court
    • Installation of new multi-sport court.
    • Contract awarded to Langman Construction, Inc. in December 2023.
  • Lafayette Park | Relocation and installation of new play structure
    • PROJECT COMPLETE: New playground is open to the public!
  • Van Buren Park | multi-sport court
    • Existing tennis courts demolished.
    • Contract awarded to Langman Construction, Inc. in December 2023.
  • Whalen Park | upgraded and new playground
    • PROJECT COMPLETE: New playground is open to the public!