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Housing Programs

Owner Occupied Housing Rehab Loan Program:

Owner Occupied Housing Rehab Loan Program offers loans to homeowners within the corporate limits of the City of Davenport for the correction of existing and potential Housing Code violations.  The program does not perform work on basements or foundations.  Household must meet income, assets and properties limits set by HUD.  A mortgage and promissory note secures all eligible and approved loans. For more information and to request an application please call the CED office at 563-326-7765.

Owner Occupied Housing Rehab Loan Brochure

The Davenport DREAM Project:
The Davenport DREAM Project uses federal funds and capital improvement funds to provide forgivable grants to new and existing homeowners for facade improvements and code violation corrections. The homeowners must reside in the eligible project area and are selected through a competitive application process.

Davenport DREAM Project 

Exterior Accessibility Grant:
Photos before and after ramp installation Exterior Accessibility Grant offers grants to homeowners and renters (with landlord approval) within the corporate limits of the City of Davenport for the installation of Exterior ramps, when applicable, and other accessibility options when necessary in order to improve access to the home. Household must meet income, assets, and properties limits set by HUD.  Grant funds are limited; this is a one-time grant for each eligible and approved recipient.

Exterior Accessibility Grant Brochure 
Exterior Accessibility Application 

Urban Homestead Loan Program
The Urban Homestead Loan Program utilizes federally funded grants to provide home ownership opportunities for low and moderate income households. Homes are purchased with these federal grants by the City of Davenport, rehabilitated, and sold to eligible applicants.

Urban Homestead Loan Program Brochure
Urban Homestead Loan Program Information

Home Buyer Down Payment Grant Program:
The Home Buyer Down Payment Grant Program offers funding for future Davenport home buyers towards the down payment on homes within the Davenport City Limits.  The program will provide up to $2500 towards the down payment and closing cost of the home.  Federal income and property eligibility requirements apply. 

Down Payment Grant Program Brochure
Down Payment Grant Program Application


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