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Better Roads Davenport

Change is happening. Bear with us!

Street and sewer improvements can lead to inevitable slowdowns and traffic reroutes. We ask that you keep your eye on the prize: a city with enhanced livability that can support existing business infrastructure as well as attract new companies. It’s a short-term hassle with long-term payoffs.

As always, safety is our number one priority. Staying calm and following construction zone signage will help us achieve that.

As we work to modernize the sewer and street infrastructure to support growth and a vibrant future for our community, remember: there are better roads ahead, Davenport!

Picture of sign with words Road Work Ahead

Current Traffic Updates

Find information on current travel restrictions due to street, sewer, utility and other infrastructure improvements at the links below.

This Just In 

  • Street resurfacing work on Davenport’s Eastern Ave between 43rd and 46th Streets will flip sides mid-to-late next week. Watch for changing traffic control.

  • East and westbound lane reduction son E 53rd St between Elmore and Lorton will continue through mid-to-late November for watermain improvements by Iowa American Water Company.  

Neighborhood Streets 

  • Indian Rd/Black Hawk Creek Streambank Stabilization Project Update. Several field-discovered issues have caused delays and required engineering redesign to ensure streambank stabilization activities do not impact existing sanitary sewer infrastructure.  The contractor is expected to be mobilized on-site until the work is completed this fall. Once complete, the project will feature both a modular block retaining wall and sloping bank stabilization treatments, as well as storm sewer improvements that will help to remove some of the energy from water run-off entering the stream. All of which will mitigate conditions that contribute to bank erosion, protect the streambed, and improve overall creek health.

Major Projects

All Other Street Closures & Lane Reductions
Use this link to view a list of all street closures and lane reductions. The list can be sorted, searched, downloaded and printed.

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Sign-up for Alerts and Report a Pothole

Sign-up for Notices

Report a Pothole by:

  • Submitting your request on-line through YourGov or by using the YourGov app (download from Google Play or the App Store), or
  • Calling us at 563.326.7923, 7 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday (except holidays)

Picture of slide and walking path in park

Park Access Impacted by Construction

In coordination with Davenport Parks and Rec, Public Works is making streambank stabilization improvements on Duck Creek near the Eastern Ave Disc Golf Course adjacent to the Duck Creek Recreational Path.  The project will add small boat access and improve fish habitation. The tee box and basket from Hole 11 will need to be temporarily removed for the work along with some tree removal.  Work is expected to be complete in the spring of 2022.  Find details at this link.

Image of construction worker with BRAD acronym

BRAD | Better Roads Ahead Davenport

Meet BRAD. He is all about Better Roads Ahead for Davenport, and helping to reduce frustration when building better roads disrupts travel routes.  Find out when BRAD’s work might impact a major road near you by texting BetterRoads to 69310 or using this website,, for more details and other resources.

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For Contractors

Contractors, or their designee, must submit an application to close a road or reduce travel lanes in the right-of-way at least three business days in advance of the closure unless emergency conditions exist.  Work cannot commence until the application is approved. 

Submit an application at this link.

image of female professional with GIA acronym

GIA | Great Infrastructure Ahead

Meet GIA.  She is all about planning for the future of our community. While BRAD will help keep you informed of current construction, GIA is navigating codes, design and budgets. Look for GIA and Great Infrastructure Ahead announcements as City Council approves budgets and designs for projects coming down the pipe.


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