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Reduce Run-off and Retain Rain

Rain Barrel | Rainwater Harvesting

Install a rain barrel to capture water running off of your rooftop.  Rain barrels are a great way to capture water for reuse in watering lawns and gardens.  Learn more at this link. 

Rain Garden

Install a rain garden to infiltrate precipitation and reduce run-off from your rooftop and paved or impervious surfaces. Rain gardens can add curb appeal, provide habitat and are a great way to reduce water pollution. Find out more on how to install a rain garden at this link (search rain garden).

Native Turf

Switch to native turf. Does it seem like it is time to mow the lawn again every time you turn around? If you are interested in mowing less while still enjoying a beautiful lush green lawn, you may want to consider planting native turf. The deep roots of native plants allow rainfall to infiltrate into the soil. Native turf can prevent stormwater run-off and requires less maintenance.

Find out how to get started. Discover the benefits of native plants.

Permable Paving

Install permeable pavement. Permeable pavements reduce stormwater runoff by filtering water rather than shedding it. They also improve water quality, can act as a flood mitigation tool, and reduce plowing and salting needs. Find out more about permeable pavement at this link or stop by Davenport’s first permeable pavement street located at the 2900 Block of Dover Court. 

Plant a Tree!

Trees are the most natural way to prevent stormwater run-off pollution. They filter pollutants through photosynthesis, their leaves and branches reduce soil erosion from rain, and they even reduce our consumption of energy resources. For more information about the benefits of trees check out the link here. For more information about the selection and planting of trees, visit