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Litter, Trash, Waste Material - Cleanup and Disposal

Litter Pickup

Properly dispose of waste. Don't litter. All of those wrappers, cigarette butts and other items carelessly tossed out of a car window are carried to the nearest stormdrain. When it rains, these pollutants end up in our creeks and streams. Pick up litter or get involved in a Community-wide cleanup.

Check Out of Litter webpage for more information and resources. 

Cigarette Butts

Properly dispose cigarette butts. Cigarette butts are the most common type of litter. They are extremely slow to degrade when littered and are comprised of toxic chemicals. Once cigarette butts make it to our waterways the chemicals they contain are leached into the water where they degrade water quality and aquatic habitats. Want to learn more? Check out these statistics

Pet Waste

Pick up your pet's waste.  Animal wastes contain bacteria, viruses and nutrients that when carried in stormwater run-off can contribute to poor water quality. Even if you are not worried about the quality of our local waterways, you may be concerned about the impact of improperly disposed dog waste. Consistent improper disposal of pet stools, or not disposing at all, can contaminate your lawn and affect your whole family, including your pet. Find out more about the hazards associated with pet waste. Map your dog walking route with this pet waste station map.

Household Chemicals

Properly dispose of household chemicals such as oil, cleaners, solvents and paints. Visit the website for the Waste Commission of Scott County to view a full list of acceptable items and to schedule an appointment.