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Liquor License Forms

600-Ft Affidavit

City ordinance 5.10.105(D) states that there must be a minimum separation of 600-feet between any licensed parcel and any school or child care provider. This distance shall be measured by a straight line between closest point on the parcel to be licensed to the nearest point on the parcel occupied by a state registered child development home, state licensed child care center, or public or private elementary or secondary school. 

For a listing of state licensed child care providers click here.

Notary Signature Form

Required form where applicant declares all information provided in the Iowa ABD E-License Application is correct. This must be signed by one of the owners listed on the current liquor license.

Confidential Addendum Form

Additional information required with an application for a new or renewal beer, wine or liquor license.

1,320-Foot Separation Certificate

This certification is required for new Class E carry-out liquor license located in downtown Davenport.