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Pay to Park in Ramps • Pay Station • Parkmobile App

There are three ways to pay for parking in the city's three parking ramps.  Parking is enforced 24/7 except on New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day or during active Snow Emergencies.  The citation for not paying to park is $25.

Short Term Parking | Pay at the Pay Stations Located in the Ramp or Use App

 Option 1  Or  Option 2
  • Park
  • Be sure to have your license plate # handy
  • Visit Pay Station (located near elevators)
  • Follow step-by-step instructions
  • Pay. NOTE:  Pay Stations accept credit cards, debit cards and cash; they do not give change or refunds.
  • Take your Receipt (It is not necessary to display the printed receipt in your vehicle)

Long Term Parking | Apply for Parking Permit Online

  • Monthly Signed Space - $105, Plus $30 Setup Fee for Sign 
  • Monthly Unsigned/unassigned Space - $65 per Month per Ramp
  • Monthly Downtown Residents - $40 per Month per Ramp - all are unsigned/unassigned

Parking Without Payment in the Ramps - Ticket Fee is $25 per Calendar Day the violation exists