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Housing Choice Voucher Office

The Housing Choice Voucher Office (HCV) provides non-emergency rental assistance to low-income families. This office also staffs the Davenport Housing Commission.

HCV administers the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program within our jurisdiction of Davenport, Iowa. 

The City of Davenport Housing Choice Voucher Office will be accepting applications for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8 rental assistance) waiting list. *Interpretive services are available at no charge. Servicios interpretativos libres estan disponsibles.  (563) 326-6145 TTY

Dates: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 and Wednesday, September 21

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Location: The River’s Edge, 700 West River Drive, Davenport, Iowa (This location is accessible to persons with disabilities.)

Sign up is easy, free and convenient. All applications must be completed within the specified time frame. Incomplete applications or applications completed after the deadline will not be accepted. Staff will be available onsite to help those who need additional assistance. *If you need additional accommodations, please let the Housing Choice Voucher Office know by email [email protected] or by phone (563-326-7899) by Friday, September 16, 2022.

What do I need to apply to the Section 8 waiting list?

  • Name of all household members
  • Date of birth of all household members
  • Social security numbers of all household members
  • Approximate annual household income from all sources
  • Current mailing address
  • Active email address and/or phone number
Family Size Income Limit
1 $29,900
2 $34,150
3 $38,400
4 $42,650
5 $46,100
6 $49,500
7 $52,900
8 $56,300
No applications will be accepted after 4:00p.m. on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. Only original applications will be accepted- no photocopies will be allowed.

 HCV also serves as property manager and 42 units of scattered-site Public Housing located throughout Davenport. HCV also partners with local Veterans' Administration staff to provide housing assistance for veterans and their families that meet the definition of chronically homeless along with partnering with the local Department of Human Services to provide Foster Youth to Independence vouchers. Contact us for more information about any of these programs, or read more about them at the links below.

General Information for other agencies 

Public Hearing Notice
2022 Public Housing Authority Annual Plan
5 Year Public Housing Authority Plan


Davenport Public Housing

Davenport Public Housing

This program provides rental housing for eligible very low income families in 42-city owned housing units located throughout the City if Davenport.

Davenport's Public Housing units consist of:
2 Two-bedroom duplex units specifically designed to be accessible to a person requiring the use of a wheelchair
12 Two-bedroom row-house units
6 Three-bedroom units
4 Three-bedroom single family houses
4 Four-bedroom single family houses

Public Housing Admissions and Occupancy Plan

Note: As of January 1, 2018, the smoking of lit tobacco products inside or within 25 ft of City of Davenport public housing units is expressly prohibited

NOTE: The Davenport Housing Commission recently passed a resolution approving significant changes to Davenport's Section 8 Administrative Plan which became effective August 1, 2015. Among the most significant of these changes are;

Subsidy Standard:
From the HUD-allowed minimum of two heartbeats per bedroom allocated,
i.e. Regardless of age and gender of household members;
1 or 2 household members = 1BR voucher allocated,
3 or 4 household members = 2BR voucher allocated,
5 or 6 household members = 3BR voucher allocated,
7 or 8 household members = 4BR voucher allocated, etc.

Current Payment Standards:
Each voucher size (which typically must include the cost of rent and all utilities paid by the family) are as follows;
0BR     $588
1BR     $715
2BR     $885
3BR     $1,177
4BR     $1,329
5BR     $1,529
6BR     $1,729

Implementation of Local Preferences for the selection of applicants from the Housing Choice Voucher Program Waiting List
Available Section 8 voucher allocation will be prioritized in the following order;

Method of Selection:
HUD or Davenport OAH Targeted Populations
Permanent Davenport Residents
Those Displaced by Natural Disaster or Code Enforcement Action
Elderly Persons 62 years of age and older
Disabled Persons and their families
Families with children 5 years of age and under,
Families with at least one household member working at least 30 hours a week
All other families regardless of status or residency.

HUD Utility Chart for 2021-2022
Section 8- Tenant


Section 8- Tenant Information
With Section 8 Housing the family is required to pay 30% of their adjusted yearly income towards rent and utilities while the Office of Assisted Housing pays the owner the difference between that amount and the contract rent established for the dwelling unit.  This will help improve the family's financial condition by allowing it to secure housing adequate  at a price it can afford.  This, in turn, allows the family to reallocate more of its income to other necessities. 
The quality of the housing is assured because all units must be in compliance with HUD Housing Quality Standards and Davenport's Rental Inspection Program before they will be approved for the program.
The family also benefits in that it is not limited to any location under the program.  It is the family's right and responsibility to select any approvable unit including the one in which it resides at the time it is certified eligible for the program.
Section 8 Income Limits:
To be eligible for the Section 8 Program, the following income limits are listed according to family size.

  • 1 -  29,900
  • 2 -  34,150
  • 3 -  38,400
  • 4 -  42,650
  • 5 -  46,100
  • 6 -  49,500
  • 7 -  52,900
  • 8 -  56,300

Applicants with disabilities who require special accommodation in the application process should notify the Office of Assisted Housing at 563-326-7899 or for the hearing impaired, the TTD at 563-326-7912.
Section 8 Administration Plan
Section 8 Family Responsibilities
General Information- Outside Agencies

Section 8- Landlord
Section 8 Housing - Landlord Information

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development gives funds to the City of Davenport/Office of Assisted Housing to provide rent subsidies to eligible low income families.  Families may include single persons, elderly and disabled households.

The Office of Assisted Housing selects families from its waiting list in order of application.  They verify the information provided in the families' applications and determines whether the families who apply meet the eligibility guidelines, which are based upon the family's income and family size.  Families are required to provide accurate information.  The Office of Assisted Housing eligibility determination does not include whether a family is suitable to rent a dwelling unit and does not screen applicants for their suitability to rent an apartment.
After eligibility is determined, the office issues vouchers to families who then undertake a housing search. After receiving a voucher, eligible families generally pay between 30 to 40% of their incomes for rent and the Office of assisted Housing provides a subsidy that generally represents the difference between the tenant's share and the gross contract rent. The subsidy that the Office of Assisted Housing will pay is called a "Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) and this payment is subject to limitations imposed by the Voucher Payment Standards.
Benefits to Property Owners:
The owner of an approved dwelling unit benefits under the Section 8 program by having the dwelling unit leased for one (1) year to a family that has freely selected that unit and that has the ability to pay its share of the rent.
As long as the owner meets his/her obligations under the program, he/she automatically receives monthly Housing Assistance Payments directly from the Office of Assisted Housing for the portion of the rent not to be paid by the tenant.

Please use the annual rent adjustment form below when requesting a rent increase for a Section 8 tenant. Make sure you use a separate form for each tenant, and send the requests to our office at least 60 days prior to the HAP contract renewal date.

To improve the likelihood that we will be able to approve your requested rent increases, please complete a housing survey form below for each of the different unassisted units that you have for rent in Davenport.

Annual Rent Adjustment Form
Housing Survey
Property Listing Form
Section 8 Housing Landlord FAQ's
Landlord's Guide to Section 8
Direct Deposit Form
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