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Frequently Asked Questions About Riding CitiBus

Picture of CitiBus with Destination SignageGetting on the Bus

  1. Tap your Smart Card or deposit EXACT FARE in the fare box. If you’re riding under a special fare program, show the driver your pass/ID as you board. Drivers/fare box do not give change.
  2. If you need to transfer to another bus, notify the driver. It is very important that you ask your driver for a transfer when you board.
  3. Take a seat.  As a courtesy, please keep the front seats available for handicapped and senior passengers.

Getting Off the Bus

  1. Let the driver know you wish to get off the bus by pulling the cord above the windows ONE BLOCK PRIOR to your stop. 
  2. Stay seated until the bus has completely stopped.
  3. After exiting, stand on the side of the road (or sidewalk) until the bus has pulled away. Please, NEVER cross in front of the bus!

When should I arrive at the bus stop?
Be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

How do I catch the bus if I am not at a bus stop?
If you are not near a designated bus stop,

  • Stand on a street corner along the route, in a safe and easy to see location (buses will not stop in the middle of an intersection).
  • Wait on the same side of the street in which the bus is traveling (passenger side of the street).
  • When you see the bus, check the destination sign to be sure it is the bus you need.
  • Wave to signal to the driver your intention to board.
  • Stay safely back from the bus until it is completely stopped and the driver opens the door.

How do I Know I’m Getting on the Right Bus?
Each bus displays two lighted destination signs: one above the front windshield and one on the curbside of the bus. These signs identify the route by number and destination.

Are strollers/walkers/collapsible carts allowed on the bus?
Yes. Strollers, walkers, and collapsible carts are allowed but must be kept secured and out of the aisle.  To ensure their safety, remove children from strollers when boarding the bus.

Can the driver let me know when I reach my destination?
Yes. Drivers announce major stops and intersections on all routes. You may ask your driver to call out your specific destination to alert you if needed.