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Yard Waste Fees

Yard Waste Stickers.  For curbside pickup, each bag of yard waste must have a $1.60 city yard waste sticker on it (price subject to change).  There is no charge for bundled brush such as tree trimmings, branches, or Christmas trees.  A sticker is not required during "No Sticker" yard waste weeks.   EarthCycleTM Yard Waste Stickers can be purchased at local grocery stores, hardware stores, at the Public Works Center and at City Hall.

No Sticker Yard Waste Weeks.  The City of Davenport offers free yard waste weeks to its solid waste customers to defray the cost of yard waste disposal during the spring and fall lawn cleanup seasons.  The free, or "No Sticker", weeks are offered for two weeks in the spring beginning on the Monday of the first full week of April and for six weeks in the fall beginning on the Monday of the fourth full week of October.  Yard waste must still be placed for collection at your pickup point on your normal pickup date in a Kraft ply bag.

Drop-Off at the Compost Facility.  Residents may also wish to drop-off their yard wastes at the Davenport Compost Facility. Use this link for more information on this disposal method.

Yard Waste Cart Service.  Yard waste cart service is available to City of Davenport solid waste customers. Subscribers to the service are provided a 95 gallon yard waste cart, which can be used to dispose of grass, leaves and other yard wastes in lieu of paper bags and stickers. Curbside collection remains weekly on your normal collection day. However, instead of purchasing paper bags and stickers to place yard waste for collection, you just roll the cart out to your normal collection point.  Find details on yard waste cart service fees and apply for a yard waste cart at this link.