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Nature & Garden

Programs for Kiddos (Ages 3-6)

My Little Wheelbarrow
Get your hands dirty and start your little one’s gardening journey at this drop-in program. No pre-registration required.
Vander Veer Conservatory | Thursdays, 6/1, 7/6, 8/3 | 10-10:30AM
Fejervary Learning Center Thursdays, 6/15, 7/20, 8/17 | 10-10:30AM
Ages: 3-6
Fees: Free 

Programs for Ages 5 and Up

The Secret Life of Trees
Get up close and personal with some of our most important plants - TREES! Learn basic identification skills and how vital our woody friends are to us and the environment. Content will be mostly the same with location-specific details.
Friday, 9/15 | 3-4PM | Credit Island Lodge
Friday, 10/6 | 3-4PM | Duck Creek Lodge
Friday, 11/3 | 3-4PM | Vander Veer Conservatory
Ages: 9-16
Fees: $2 residents / $3 non-residents

Up Close and Plantable
Ever wanted to explore nature, gain a better understanding of your local flora, and find new species to plant in your own backyard all at the same time? Our Sunderbruch Prairie walks will do just that! Accompany the Environmental Educator for a tour of the restored prairies. Closed toed shoes recommended.
Friday, 9/22 | 2-4PM
Ages: All ages (Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult)
Location: Sunderbruch Park (Meet at Sunflowers)
Fees: Free

A Fairy Home Companion

What’s the best way to attract fairies to your garden? Build them a home, of course! Anyone can create unique and charming fairy houses the wee folk would be proud to call home. Get creative and learn where these traditions began. All “construction” materials provided; bring a glue gun if you can. 
Saturdays, 10/21, 12/09 | 2-3:30PM
Ages: 7+
Location: Vander Veer Conservatory
Fees: $8 residents / $10 non-residents

Winter Tree ID

Looking to build or expand your tree identification skills? Be-leaf it or not, you can ID even when the tree is dormant! Learn how to utilize buds, bark, and tree shape to identify common trees of the QC, while enjoying a winter stroll around Vander Veer Botanical Park. Class will begin inside the Conservatory for general information, then we will take to the trees outside to use your new knowledge.
Fridays, 11/10, 1/12 | 11AM-12PM
Ages: 13+
Location: Vander Veer Botanical Park
Fees: Free

Let's Talk Turkey!

What comes to mind when you think of a majestic American bird? Well, if you’re like Benjamin Franklin, you might be thinking of a TURKEY! Learn more about the bird that was almost our national icon in its natural habitat and how it became connected to our fall holiday season.
Thursday, 11/16 | 3-4PM
Ages: 6-12
Location: Duck Creek Lodge
Fees: Free

There's No Flake Like a Snowflake

Snowflakes are as unique as you and me! Get a sneak peek into the chemistry that makes them special and create your own to take home. This is a fun interactive craft to help learn more about snow.
Two dates to choose from!
Wednesdays, 12/13, 1/10 | 3-4PM
Ages: 5-12
Location: Vander Veer Conservatory
Fees: $2 residents / $4 non-residents

Winter Warm-Up: Natural Teas

Have you run out of your English Breakfast or Sleepytime tea? Look to your yard and local natural areas to provide for you! Join us for some warm sips and learn what plants to harvest and how to use them for wonderful, easy tea all year round!
Saturday, 1/27 | 2-4PM
Ages: 13+
Location: Duck Creek Lodge
Fees: Free

What's The Buzz?

Build a native bee house to enjoy more blooms and greater harvests! Similar to bird houses, bee houses are meant to increase the pollination of your garden plants by super-pollinating solitary bees, such as mason bees and leafcutter bees. Learn how to support these busy buzzers and leave with your own bee house.
Saturday, 2/24 | 2-4PM
Ages: 7+
Location: Duck Creek Lodge
Fees: $8 residents / $10 non-residents

Workshop Series

New! Native Landscapes: Overwinter Prep 
Prepping your garden for the winter can be just as important as spring prep--especially if you’re utilizing native species. Learn how to get your garden ready for the winter and help support your local ecosystem through the frosty weather. 
Friday, 9/29 | 3-4PM 
Ages: 13+ 
Location: Vander Veer Conservatory 
Fees: Free 

New! Native Landscapes: Winter Sowing 
Unlike many horticultural and annual plants, native flora’s seeds thrive with a winter start. Learn why this is and techniques to ensure a healthy start (or addition) to your native garden! 
Saturday, 11/18 | 3-4PM 
Ages: 13+ 
Location: Vander Veer Conservatory 
Fees: Free 

New! Native Landscapes: Garden Planning 
Native plants may take a bit more time to establish, but by understanding their root systems and growth habits, you can plan a happy and healthy garden that will keep local pollinators busy all season. Learn how to space and cultivate a low-maintenance, high-impact garden. 
Friday, 2/2 | 3-4PM 
Ages: 13+ 
Location: Vander Veer Conservatory 
Fees: Free

Programs for Adults (Ages 18+)

Coffee & Cuttings
Coffee and Cuttings will resume every first Tuesday of the month beginning in August. Join staff for a cup o’ joe and a new plant! Each month there will be a new species to learn how to propagate and coffee from a featured local coffee shop. Supplies provided.
September Plant: Aluminum
October Plant: Ivy
November Plant: Rosemary
December Plant: Peppermint
Ages: 18+
 Fees: $3 residents / $4 non-residents
Vander Veer Conservatory | Tuesdays, 9/5, 10/3, 11/7, 12/5 | 10-10:30AM