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Aquatic Facilities & Programs

Aquatic Facilities

Aquatic Centers typically follow the Davenport Community Schools summer break schedule. Stay tuned for the specific 2024 Summer Aquatic Center schedule!


Centennial Park | Cork Hill Park | Goose Creek Park | Petersen Park

Centennial Spray Park will offer Davenport residents a spot to cool off daily beginning typically Memorial Day weekend through through Labor Day (weather permitting) 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 

Splash pads at Goose Creek, Cork Hill and Petersen Parks are open daily Memorial Day weekend through through Labor Day (weather permitting) 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 

Swim Levels



Davenport Parks and Recreation offers American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Classes.  For every level of Learn-to-Swim, our instructors follow a plan to introduce new swimming and water safety skills and build on previously learned skills. Each class is loaded with fun, engaging and challenging activities that motivate children to want to perform and learn to swim.  

The 2024 Learn to Swim Info Sheet with pricing, schedules and level descriptions is available. You can also visit the program registration site for the full, online list of classes and levels offered, register online, or get specific details about each session.

2024 Season Schedule

Monday-Thursday Sessions
Session 1: 6/3-6/13
Session 2: 6/17-6/27
Session 3: 7/8-7/18

NEW! Annie Wittenmyer Aquatic Center Only - Sessions 4 and 5
Session 4: 7/22-8/1
Session 5: 8/5-8/15

Monday & Wednesday Session: 6/3-8/14 (No classes: 7/1, 7/3, 7/29, 7/31)

Tuesday & Thursday Session: 6/4-8/15 (No classes: 7/2, 7/4, 7/30, 8/1)

Saturday Session: 7/8-8/10 (No classes: 7/6, 8/3)

Learn to Swim FAQs

Q: Do you have any baby swimming lessons?
A: Currently we offer parent and child lessons beginning at age 6 months.

Q: Am I allowed to get in the water with my child during lessons?
A: We ask that parents sit at the picnic tables* so their child has the opportunity to focus on their instructor and class once they are in prelevel and above classes. (*exception is Parent and Child lessons).

Q: How do I know what level to sign my child up for?
A: Please review the Swim Stages chart for each level. We will determine if they need to be moved up or down a level during our initial assessment.

Q: We took lessons last year, what level do I sign up for this year?
A: If you haven’t been in a pool since last summer it may be a good idea to start them at the same level they left off. However, if you have been keeping up with swimming even a little bit, feel free to move them up to the next level. If we determine they need to be moved up or down a level during our initial assessment, we will do so and let you know why we made that decision.

Q: What happens if my child doesn’t pass?
A: Our goal is to ensure your child is learning all the skills they need to succeed in swimming for their safety. We give students multiple attempts to pass each skill before determining they are unable to pass. If your child does not pass the exit assessment we will advise you as to why they did not pass. We will let you know why we made that decision and recommend they retake the current level.

Q: What happens if there is bad weather?
A: Sign-up for cancellation notification via Alert Iowa at Each pool will be assessed to determine how the weather will influence the status of lessons. If lessons are canceled they will be made up on Friday of the same week. If you are not contacted regarding cancellations, then lessons are still on as scheduled.

Q: What happens if we are going to be absent?
A: Please be aware there are no make-up days if your child is absent.

Q: What should I pack for my child’s lessons?
A: We recommend your child come ready to swim in their swimsuit. However, if you choose we do have locker rooms on site. We also recommend you bring a towel and sunscreen. You may bring an after lesson snack and drink (concessions are not open during lessons).

Q: My child is older, do you have any teen or adult lessons?
A: Yes we do! Our teen lessons start at beginners who don’t know how to swim at all and may even be a little fearful of water. Or intermediate lessons are for those who are looking to learn the strokes and  lifelong fitness.


Amanda Randerson
Aquatics Supervisor
700 West River Dr
Davenport, IA 52802