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Summer Youth Scholarship Program

Youth Scholarship Program Header

Returning in 2022, the Summer Youth Scholarship Program for Davenport youth in grades K-12 will support participation in summer time programming. The scholarship program, funded through the CARES Act to address COVID-19 related needs in Davenport, provides scholarships for Davenport residents to attend eligible summer programs that will help them regain educational, social, emotional, and developmental opportunities lost throughout the COVID pandemic. 

Applicants must be a Davenport resident and may apply for scholarships to multiple programs. Funding is available for up to $200 per week for 13 weeks applicable toward eligible programming through partner agencies. Residents may apply beginning March 7 for eligible programs that run from June 1 – August 31. 

Families can apply for a scholarship for any programming provided by a government or 501c3 partner. A current list of participating program providers can be found below. Partner agencies not listed on the website may also be eligible (approved partner agency list coming soon, check back for more details).

 2022 Youth Scholarship Application (click to download).


  • Summer Youth Program Vouchers are available for Davenport Residents only.
  • The total household income for each child must be at or below the CDBG 80% income limit.
  • Child using DHS funding for camp cannot use a Summer Youth Scholarship for the same camp copay.
  • You must receive approval from Davenport Parks and Recreation before registering for a program. 
  • The child/household must have been impacted by COVID to be eligible.
  • Participant must have been in grades K-12 during the 2021-2022 school year. 
  • Register for programs that take place between June 1, 2022 – August 31, 2022. 
  • Applications can be submitted starting March 2022.
  • Each child in the household must have their own application. 
  • Each child may apply for vouchers for multiple programs during the summer of 2022.
  • Maximum registration assistance per program per child per week is $200.
  • Funds available until exhausted.

Summer Programs eligible for participation in the voucher program must meet the following criteria:

  • Operated by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization or government entity (local, county, state).
  • The program must be an ongoing, multi-day activity, such as a multi-day camp or a class that meets once a week for several weeks or several times in the same week.
  • One day and/or one-time activities are not eligible.
  • The program must be primarily educational in nature and/or provide social/emotional development opportunities for kids who were impacted by COVID during the school year.
  • First opportunity will be given to programs that take place in Davenport and Scott County, other opportunities in the Illinois Quad Cities will be considered. Programs outside of the Quad Cities Metro area will not be eligible for funding.
  • Programs may fill up faster than a voucher can be approved, approval for a voucher does not guarantee that space will be available in any particular summer program.