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Recycling Collection Service Overview

All residents with garbage collection are provided a 95 gallon single stream recycling cart (you don't have to sort and separate). The service is provided at no additional fee.

Recycling is collected every other week on a resident's recycling and bulky waste collection day.  Material collected is delivered to the Scott Area Recycling Center for processing.  

Resident's who often have too much recycling for their cart may request an additional recycling cart at no fee.  Use this link request an additional cart.

Recycling Cart Redelivery
If a recycling cart is removed at the request of the resident or for continued violations, there is a $25 fee to have it redelivered. Use this link to request redelivery.

Click here to submit a redelivery request

Extra Cart Dump 
A one-time extra cart dump is available to residents who would like to have their garbage or recycling cart emptied and are unable to wait until their next scheduled collection day. The cost for this service is $25. 

Click here to request an extra dump

Recycling Drop-off
There are also three recycling drop-off locations located within the City of Davenport for resident's who:

  • Have larger recyclables to dispose, or
  • Who may have more recyclable material than will fit in their cart, and
  • For residents who do not receive solid waste collection or recycling services.

What is Recyclable?
Each cart comes with a colorful label on the lid that tells you exactly what goes in.  Still unsure?  Use our ReCollect tool to search for the item and find out what your disposal options are.

Picture reflecting materials accepted in the recycling program