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Find Out if a Property is in a Flood Hazard Area

How Do I Find Out if a Property is in a Special Flood Hazard Area?

Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), produced by the Flood Insurance Administration (FIA), are used to determine whether a property is located within a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) also known as the 100-year, or other regulated floodplain.

Properties located in a SFHA may be required to have flood insurance.  An approved floodplain development permit application may also be required to perform any type work on a property located in a SFHA.

You can find out if a property is in a SFHA in one of the following ways:

  • Visit the FEMA Flood Map Service Center.  The site allows you to search on an address, generate a FIRM or FIRMette, and view flood hazard area determinations, as well as map amendments.
  • Visit the Iowa Flood Center. The site allows you to search on an address and provides great visual tools for understanding risk. 
  • Watch a Video on Using the FIRM. Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) are a great tool for property owner’s to visualize their flood risk. This video introduces the FIRM tools and helps viewers to better understand how to determine their flood risk.  The video also touches on changes to the FIRM that went into effect in 2021.
  • Visualize where the river goes at various flood stage using our Flood Inundation Map. The map shows where the river flows during certain flood stages. NOTE: the map does not take into account various flood mitigations measures placed during a flood.
  • Request for Information. Submit a request for information on a property's potential flood hazard by e-mail.
  • Questions? Call our Floodplain Managers at 563.326.7765.