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Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Program

Picture of sewer televising crewDavenport’s wastewater collection and conveyance (sewer) system serves the entire City of Davenport. 

In addition, the system also receives and conveys wastewater to the Water Pollution Control Plant from the Cities of Bettendorf, Riverdale and Panorama Park.  A 28E Agreement for Joint Use of Sanitary Sewer and Sewage Disposal Facilities exists to accommodate wastewater from these adjacent cities.  

Management of the city’s 432-mile wastewater collection and conveyance system (sewer) system requires ongoing planning, improvement, maintenance, data collection and evaluation.  

Some of the many activities and programs used to maintain, restore and improve the sanitary sewer system and its capacity include:

Other maintenance activities and program include, but are not limited to: sewer backup and overflow response, illicit discharge detection and elimination, pump and lift station maintenance, industrial pretreatment, lift and pump station maintenance, and sewer gate/valve maintenance.