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Sanitary Sewer Main or Lateral Leak/Collapse

Property owners are responsible to maintain the sewer line from their building to where the pipe connects to the public sanitary sewer main.

How Do I Know if my Sewer Lateral Needs to be Repaired? 

  • Backup of sewage into a basement may be the result of a clogged pipe, broken sewer lateral, or tree roots.  Property owners need to contact a recognized business in the profession of sewer cleaning or plumbing to investigate the source of the backup. 
  • Public Works staff may identify problems with a lateral or main through routine maintenance of the sewer system, or as a result of pavement failure or sink hole. When staff identifies a problem in the field, the property owner is informed they need to have a professional look at their system.

Sewer Lateral Repair Grant Program

The City has established a Sewer Lateral Repair Grant Program to assist homeowners with costly sewer lateral repairs. The program funds eligible repairs up to $10,000.  Payment of a $500 deductible is required to participate in the program. Refer to the Sewer Lateral Repair Grant Application for details on eligible repairs and applying for assistance with repairs to a sewer lateral.

Once the appropriate documents are received and eligibility under the program is confirmed, the City will contract the repairs to be performed. 

All work on sewer lines requires an excavation permit, and that work be conducted by a licensed, bonded and insured plumber, and is inspected prior to approval.  The contractor will take out these permits.