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Main St Landing

Picture of Main St Landing's Flexible Use Space

Main St Landing Flexible Event Space | Work in Process


Update. The Main St Landing Flexible Use Space is an exciting project being implemented from the RiverVision Plan. The majority of work was completed in the fall of 2019; however, full completion is delayed to the fall of 2020. Delays are due to the required restoration of rail crossings near the space that are scheduled to occur this summer, and for backorder on the electrical and light poles due to COVID-19 and the shutdown of the manufacturing plant. Adjacent construction to abandon the 1930’s sewer interceptor along the riverfront is also contributing to delay.

Landscaping was added just a few weeks ago to keep project momentum moving forward and in preparation for a Fall completion.

Find other background and details on this project at the links below.

Installation of the flexible use space has also been guided by the Main St Landing Regional Task Force.  Find meeting agenda’s at this link.

Main St Landing Design Competition Spring 2020

Status: We were pleased to receive national interest in our landmark riverfront project with submissions from twelve project teams, representing locations that span from coast to coast.  However, the word changed with the COVID-19 pandemic about the same time the RFQ hits the streets.  Unfortunately with these changes, the planned project schedule for the DPA Design Competition has also been affected.

Similar to how our nation addressed the pandemic by pressing pause on our lifestyles, the DPA Design Competition has been paused until the effects of COVID-19 on our local economy and their anticipated financial impacts on operation funds are better understood and accounted for. Until this time, RFQ responses are being evaluated and scored by our Task Force in anticipation of a future public meeting and official design competition re-launch. At that point, candidates will be notified of the scoring outcome and the project will be given the green light to proceed to phase II.

Main Street Landing Destination Play Area Design Competition.

The City of Davenport will have a design competition for a proposed two-acre Destination Play Area at Main Street Landing, located just east of the Skybridge along the Mississippi River.

The play area, budgeted at $3 million to $4 million, should be a gathering place for all that is uniquely Davenport and serve as a regional destination, according to the approved Request for Qualifications. It will also have to be flood resilient.

Unique landforms, vertical play elements, family-oriented activities, universal accessibility, a restroom building and natural play elements are among the features that could be incorporated into a submission, according to the RFQ, but designers should not be limited by that list.  

Deadline for submissions is April 3, 2020 @2:00 PM via the City’s electronic submission website at

Submissions received will be reviewed by a committee comprised of City Staff and representatives of the “Destination Play Area Task Force” that includes elected officials and community members. They will evaluate and score each proposal. A short list of candidates will be interviewed and a determined number of finalists will advance to a design competition to develop a constructible concept.

Finalists will receive a $25,000 stipend, while the winning entry will move to contract negotiations to develop their concept into a biddable set of construction documents for an estimated Spring, 2022 construction start date.

Development of Main Street Landing has been phased project since the former riverboat casino left the riverfront in 2016.  Event space that includes planters and decorative brick was the first part of the area to be developed. Construction that was slowed by river flooding in 2019 is expected to be completed this year.

Main St Landing Public Art Concepts - Public Meeting 02/15/19

Status:  Several great concepts came out of this exploratory project.  Some of the concepts may or may not be incorporated into future development along the riverfront. 

The Downtown Davenport Partnership (DDP) and Figge Art Museum, in cooperation with the City of Davenport, hosted a joint public meeting on February 15, 2019 to present a proposal that integrates public art concepts in to the design and development of the RiverVision plan and ongoing riverfront improvements.

Click on the following for the meeting slideshow presentation and the video presentation, respectively. We look forward to your feedback.


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The meeting was hosted by Mayor and City Council, DDP Board, and Figge Art Museum Board, and included additional stakeholders: Davenport Riverfront Improvement Commission, Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, Historic Preservation Commission, Design Review Board, and the Q2030 Riverfront Work Group.
All parties received the proposal simultaneously with the public. This coalition of civic and private organizations had never met all at once, which is itself a historic and exciting moment.

The goal of the project is to integrate an artistic vision in to the ongoing design and development of the RiverVision plan, ensuring greater opportunities for the public to engage and enjoy the Mississippi riverfront and downtown. Further, the proposal seeks to develop an overall story for the riverfront that will establish it as an iconic destination and bolster its connection with downtown Davenport and the entire Quad Cities. This update to RiverVision capstones a thorough process, which includes much public participation and excitement. It has great potential to create new private and public investment for years to come. The hard work of building public support, fundraising models, and execution of the big idea remain, but it all starts with a shared vision.

RDG Dahlquist Art Studio is the recipient of numerous national awards for public art and has completed well-known projects across Iowa and throughout the United States, including the celebrated High Trestle Trail Bridge over the Des Moines River.