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Volunteers key to Credit Island

Volunteers key to Credit Island
Posted on 09/14/2020
Volunteers on Credit Island move tree debris for pickup by City employees.

Sept. 14, 2020 — In July, as the day’s heat started to build, a group of teens carried branches from a low spot on Credit Island to a location on the causeway. That branch pile was just one of many awaiting a City of Davenport crew to come along and pick them up.

It isn’t just downed branches, but also debris and trash that volunteers are constantly collecting as part of the recurring task of cleaning up Credit Island. Some of the July debris pickup included fireworks.

This is a snapshot of the nearly year-round dedication of many people continuing to make Credit Island a beautiful place to visit.

Alderman Rick Dunn, whose ward includes Credit Island, says volunteers are vital to the park’s maintenance and appearance. One group tends to work during the week, while another group does cleanup on weekends.

“If you think what this place was a year ago, it is night and day,” Dunn said of the island’s appearance now compared to following the 2019 flood. “It looks so much better.”

Bob Peppers, Chairman of the Friends of Credit Island says keeping the island clean is a big job. He is also on hand to assist and point out trouble spots that need cleaning.
“With 420 acres, Credit Island is a project,” he said.

The Ramsay family was looking for a project. They had recently moved to LeClaire and visited Credit Island last summer. The family had a chance encounter with Dunn and Peppers when Julie Ramsay explained that sons, George, 17, and twins Tim and Ben, 15, needed public service hours for Pleasant Valley High School.

Since that time, the boys, with mom driving them and helping, spend about three hours three days a week branches and debris so that Parks and Recreation Department employees are able to mow grass. Occasionally they have friends join in.

“People are always stopping us to thank us,” Julie Ramsay said. “It is a very busy island.”

Tim and Ben are planning Eagle Scout projects that are both intended to enhance the island.