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2022/2023 Snow and Ice Event Response

2022/2023 Snow and Ice Event Response
Posted on 11/15/2022
2022/2023 Snow and Ice Event Response

11.15.22 | 4:00 PM
Snowfall from today’s event is wrapping up. Thanks to pavement temperatures, there was little to no travel impact.

11.15.22 | 6:00 AM
Light snow has caused some spotty slushy conditions out there this morning. Crews will be clearing Posted Snow Routes as needed today, with snow expected to pick up and continue through the day. Prepare for slick spots on roads, bridges, and overpasses by taking it slow and increasing your following distance.

11.14.22 | 3:30 PM
Our friends at the National Weather Service tell us the first accumulating snow of the season could arrive overnight Monday, November 14, and last through Tuesday, November 15, with a slight chance for more on Wednesday. It sounds like this will be a light, all-day snow with the potential to leave us with 1 to 1.5 inches. Take it slow and increase your following distance tomorrow. #Davenport’s Snow Team is prepared to respond to arriving snow.

Winter is just around the corner, and Davenport is making preparations. Plow blades and spreaders are being installed, training conducted, and our salt supply has been replenished.

As part of winter preparation, the City encourages all residents and visitors to be prepared. This includes signing up for Snow Emergency Alerts. Signing up for alerts is the most reliable way to know when a Snow Emergency has been declared and when parking on posted snow routes is prohibited.

Snow emergencies are declared when the area is expected to receive ice and/or hazardous volumes of snow. Parking is prohibited on Posted Snow Routes when a snow emergency is declared to help Public Works crews ensure the highest traffic volume roads and hills receive priority service, which helps everyone get around when the snow starts to fly.

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