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The Good Neighbor Project in Davenport is designed to help neighbors connect with each other and form functioning neighborhood groups. The project is a Davenport neighborhood program in which City staff and the Davenport Police Department collaborate with citizens to foster and encourage community engagement.

Who can start a Good Neighbor Project?

Anyone! The Good Neighbor Project can be as simple or complex as you would like. It can be a small group of neighbors that communicate by text; a neighborhood that holds regular meetings to discuss concerns, events, and projects; or a formally Recognized Neighborhood that has defined boundaries, bylaws and board members. Click here to see the Good Neighbor Project Starter Kit.

What are the benefits of starting a Good Neighbor Project?

1. Empower your neighborhood to take control of what happens in the area.
2. Create meaningful relationships with your neighbors. They tend to be the first responders when something happens in your neighborhood.
3. Provide your neighborhood with an effective communication link with local government officials and other influential groups.
4. Attend quarterly meetings hosted by the Davenport Police Department to discuss important topics that are affecting the city and to hear from experts on a variety of subject matters.
5. Receive notifications for opportunities and events happening around the City of Davenport.

How can I get to know my neighbors and be successful in the Good Neighbor Project?

1. Practice the Nine House Model: In a residential area, each homeowner or renter should try to get to know the neighbors in the three homes behind them, the three homes across the street from them, and the neighbors on either side. The idea is to get to know some of your neighbors who live closest to you and share contact information with each other in case any needs or emergencies arise. 
2. Host a Neighborhood Meeting: Invite your neighbors to a meeting to discuss the possibility of starting a Good Neighbor Project. You can get people talking about what is important to your neighborhood, what concerns or needs you have, how you would like your neighborhood group to communicate and function, and other ideas your neighbors might have. You can invite a Davenport Police Officer, a City staff member, or another general interest speaker to your meeting to attract a larger audience. You can also contact Nevada Lemke at [email protected] to have a member of the City's Good Neighbor Project team come to your meeting and present the Good Neighbor Project to your neighbors.
3. Use Social Media: Join NextDoor or create a Facebook group to invite your neighbors to do a neighborhood improvement project together, have a neighborhood wide garage sale, or to organize a Block Party.
4. Start a Common Interest Group: Ask your neighbors to join a book club, sports team, mom's group, or any type of group that brings you together to enjoy shared hobbies.
5. Schedule a tour with a group of your neighbors: Invite your neighbors to go on a tour of one of our City's facilities. You can schedule a tour of our Police Department, Fire Station, City Hall, or one of our Public Works facilities. Some other community organizations that may offer tours include our local TV stations and our Emergency Communication Center (SECC).

For more information on the Good Neighbor Project, please contact Nevada Lemke at 563.888.2296 or [email protected]. You can also reach out to Sgt. Andrew Harris at 563.888.3637 or [email protected].


Nevada Lemke
Management Analyst I
226 W 4th St
Davenport, IA 52801