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Parking Permits and Passes

Purchase a Parking Permit(s) for Ramps or Universal Pass(es) for Long Term On-Street Parking

Purchase Online at this Link. Online purchases require creating an account and paying with debit or credit card.  When purchasing permits online, do not use spaces between numbers and letters when entering your license plate #.

Other Details

  • You will not receive a physical parking permit or pass, your license plate # becomes registered in the system and serves as the permit, or pass.
  • Parking ramp permits are specific to the ramp they are purchased for.
  • Be sure to update your license plate # if it changes.  Permits are associated with the license plate #.  Failure to update the license plate information could result in a citation for unpermitted parking.

E-mail us at [email protected],
or Call us at 563.326.7923, M-F, 7am to 4:30pm, except on Holidays

Parking Permit and Universal Pass Fee(s)

Parking Ramps - Short Term Parking

  • Pay at Pay Stations Located in Ramp
  • Hourly/Daily - $1 for two hours, $2 for four hours; $3 for six hours, $4 for eight hours and $5 for twelve hours; the Maximum Maximum Daily Rate is $10

Parking Ramps - Long Term Parking 

  • Apply for a Parking Permit Online 
  • Monthly Signed Space - $105, Plus $30 Setup Fee for Sign
  • Monthly Unsigned/Unassigned Space - $65  per Month per Ramp
  • Monthly Downtown Residents - $40 per Month per Ramp - all are unsigned/unassigned

Parking Without Payment in the Ramps - Ticket Fee $25 per Calendar Day the violation exists

Universal Pass - Long Term On-Street Parking in Downtown

  • Apply for a Parking Permit Online
  • Universal Parking Permit Rates are $15 per Day, $50 for seven consecutive calendar days, and $150 for 30 consecutive calendar days

Parking Over Two Hours Without Permit On-Street - Ticket Fee $25 per Calendar Day the violation exists, and possible towing