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Storm Sewer Program

Davenport’s storm water collection and conveyance (storm sewer) system consists of 223 miles of storm sewer pipe, 8,741 catch basins and storm inlets, and 1,158 outfalls.

Unlike wastewater/sanitary sewage, storm water, and the material it carries (fertilizers, litter, grass, leaves and other material), is not cleaned before it is released back to the river, rather the water that reaches the storm sewer system is directly conveyed to the nearest creek or stream and eventually the Mississippi River.  It is important for all citizens to help reduce harmful materials carried in/by storm water for this reason.  Find out what you can do to prevent water pollution and clogged storm drains by visiting our Storm Water Run-off page.

Like the sanitary sewer system, the storm sewer system requires ongoing planning, improvement, and maintenance.

Some of the many activities and programs used to maintain, restore and improve the storm sewer system and its capacity include: